Parma, Italy

The city of Parma

Parma is a prosperous and attractive historic town in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy. It is one of Italy’s most beautiful cities of art, cultural tourism and gastronomic destination, known for its monuments, castles, art, cuisine and opera.
Parma has been chosen to be the Italian Capital of Culture for 2020 and for 2021. With its 2200 years of history, Parma is a city that has always been a protagonist of the Emilia region, and boasts a rich and varied culture: an enviable musical tradition, a strong tradition of food and wine, an architectural richness.
Parma is also a Unesco Creative City of Gastronomy and it is the heart of the Italian Food Valley. It has the highest number of typical products protected with quality brands in Italy, including Parma ham and Parmigiano-Reggiano cheese. This area is renowned throughout Italy as one of the best places to eat.
The historical city center, elegant and sophisticated, hosts beautiful museums and monuments and masterpieces of architecture such as the Cathedral and Baptistery, two beautiful examples of Romanesque art.
The province is full of castles and fortified buildings that offer an intense and evocative landscape.